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Rug Repair

A&B Carpet Produces Substantial Area Rug Repair Services At Your Doorstep.

May it be your preferred Oriental rug, Antique rug or a Moroccan rug that you wish to repair, A&B Carpet delivers you an array of area rug repair services to increase its worth and also give back the exact same sophistication it as soon as held. We certainly have already been in this business for longer than three decades right now and are very trustworthy across New York for our superb repair services. From residential to business, we repair all area rugs.

The solutions that we provide you with:

Repairing of area rugs:

Edges of an area rug are the initially to wear out because of the high feet traffic. As a result, this section needs a good repair for bringing back its actual value as well as sophistication. Our staff, with their skilled hands, will repair both machine-made as well as hand crafted area rugs with utmost attention and excellence.

At A&B Carpet we utilize dual thread in looping design for serging your own rugs. This process takes the time to complete. For machine produced rugs we sew with binding or perhaps serge for fixing those worn-out edges. This method is pretty less difficult and we won’t require much time to complete.

How do we restore whenever your area rug has wrinkled?

Very well, in case that area rug of your own has wrinkled or perhaps loosened, our staff will do a stretching to block them. With this method, all of the creases would be flattened and also smoothed, restoring its original shape. However, the pressure at the area rug foundation needs right leveling.       

For high pile rugs we would certainly cut the edges off with sheer exactness. You may be certain to have an enhanced quality as well as appearance of your own rug.

  2. Binding and repairing of fringes:

With us, you can actually choose from the number of colors as well as types for binding and also fringing according to your own preference. A&B Carpet offers wide fabric binding, vinyl fabric binding, and so forth. For rug fringing our service relates to all sorts of materials as well as cotton, silk, as well as wool.

3. Dyeing your area rug:

If you feel your rug needs color dyeing A&B Carpet is available for you personally once more. From red spots, sun fading, dark spots to rust stains and bleach stain, we color dye everything. We can as well dye the spots on your timber furnishings. All the items we use are environment-friendly, non-toxic and have simply no odor. Thus, give us a call whenever you feel you need our area rug repairing assistance.

On the other hand, unlike other services that A&B Carpet delivers, we are not able to provide virtually any price approximation for this service before our team performs an intensive assessment.       

4. Cutting and repairing Latex:

Do you think your own area rug is too big for your room? Doesn’t it complement your own home aesthetic as well as décor? Well, we can cut the rug to ensure that it fits your room.

We are proficient both is a machine along with manual cutting. But, before repairing, we latex your area rug to boost the durability of the edges while working.  

The most exciting part of A&B Carpet is the fact we don’t subcontract just about any service. We have our specialized team who are sufficiently doing this work. All of them comes with a big wealth of experience to offer you finest area rug repair assistance.

Want to talk with us and talk about the needs you have? Get it done today! Our reps are always ready to reply you. you may also drop us an email. Therefore, with A&B Carpet, improve the sophistication of your rug to match up the décor.