Window Treatment - Brooklyn

Window Treatment

A&B Carpet Provides Window Treatment Services.

Agree or not drapes and window treatments are probably the most apparent part of any room. Think about a curtain hanging full of marks, spots or annoying odor shooting from the window corner! Isn’t it a disturbing condition spoiling the ecosystem of your living area or maybe office? This is the reason window treatment solution should be a part of your cleaning venture and we, at A&B Carpet are here to assist you with that, with our outstanding window treatments cleaning service.

At A&B Carpet we provide a highly effective window treatment cleaning, fix as well as sale to ensure that your favorite drapes as well as blinds have their value and attractiveness preserved.

With A&B Carpet what solutions is it possible to get?

Allow us to begin with cleaning
We render an outstanding cleaning services of all your window coverings (hard or soft) with various cleaning procedures. +

Here’s just what we do:  

Getting rid of the window treatments, draperies or maybe blinds
Intensive deep cleaning with uttermost care
Ironing and pressing the coverings
Shipping and re-installing them
We carry out all these techniques either at your location (home or maybe office) or maybe we can as well get those to our building. In spite of this, in cases like this, we could demand around a week or more depend on the condition of the window coverings.

A few of the things which we thoroughly clean are – Cellular shades, roller shades, silhouette, verticals, sheers, shags, luminette, valances, both wood or metallic blinds or others.

Our deep cleaning operations – Dry Fabric Cleaning, Deep Cleaning or Steam Cleaning. A&B Carpet not merely cleans your window coverings but as well ensures a healthy and balanced living. We make use of all natural deep cleaning goods in our procedures.

We are proficient in fixing window coverings:
Working with draperies or blinds is fairly a deal that just skilled pros like us, A&B Carpet are able to do. On the subject of fixing, we have all the machine and also specialist hands to supply you with the best quality window coverings repair service.

We offer:

Replacing Cords
Replacing Cotton fabric Tapes (2” Blinds)
Seam repair
Hole repair
Accessory Repair
Vertical Tracks
and more.

Our staff would fix egyptian cotton strips and even cords. In addition, while repairing, our experts would probably clean the coverings properly utilizing 100% green tested, eco-friendly products.

We retail and also install window coverings:
A&B Carpet aims to turn your one-stop solution for any your window treatment problems. Even if you agree to need brand new coverings, you can obtain almost all of the difficult and soft solutions from our retail store. Not only that, our industry experts may possibly take a look at your house and then mount the window coverings you have purchased from A&B Carpet.

Our products consist of –

Cord-less Cellular Shades
Cordless Cellular Blinds
Aluminum Blinds
Wood Blinds
Sheer Horizontal Shades
Vertical Blinds
Roller Shades
All these possess a manufacturer’s warranties, so we can easily assure you about the authenticity of our window coverings.  

A&B Carpet has served a lot of dwellings as well as commercial institutions across NY for the past 30 years and more. So, you can trust us for your window treatment completely. Call us today to learn more details. You can even send us an email as well as chat with our representatives instantly. A&B Carpet guarantees you to provide top quality service from this most popular cleaning company. Promote a greater living today!