Window Treatment - Brooklyn

Window Treatment

A&B Carpet Provides Window Treatment Service.

Agree or not window treatments are probably the most noticeable aspect of any place. Picture a curtain hanging covered by stains, spots or perhaps upsetting smell coming from the window corner! Isn’t it a disturbing condition spoiling the ambiance of your living space or even office? This is why window treatment have to be a part of your cleaning venture and we, at A&B Carpet are here to assist you with that, with our spectacular drapes and window treatments cleaning service.

At A&B Carpet we provide a powerful and effective window covering cleaning, fix and new piece distribution to ensure your favorite curtains as well as blinds have their value and also beauty maintained.

With A&B Carpet exactly what solutions can you get?

Allow us to get started with cleaning
We deliver a fantastic deep cleaning services of all your window coverings (hard or soft) with a variety of cleaning strategies. +

Here’s just what we do:  

The removal of the window treatments, curtains or even blinds
Comprehensive deep cleaning with extreme care
Ironing and also pressing the coverings
Delivery and re-installing them
We perform these procedures both at your location (house or business office) or perhaps we can also carry these to our facility. Nevertheless, for this reason, we could possibly demand around one week or more greatly depend on the condition of the window coverings.

Several of the things which we thoroughly clean are – Cellular shades, roller shades, silhouette, verticals, sheers, shags, luminette, valances, both wood or metal blinds and more.

Our washing operations – Dry Fabric Cleaning, Deep Cleaning or Steam Cleaning. A&B Carpet not merely cleans your window coverings but even ensures a healthy and balanced living. We make use of all organic deep cleaning items in our processes.

We are knowledgeable in restoring window coverings:
Working with draperies and also blinds is quite a deal that only qualified specialists like us, A&B Carpet can do. When it comes to repairing, we now have all the machines as well as professional hands to provide you the greatest window coverings repair service.

We provide:

Replacing Cords
Replacing Cotton Tapes (2” Blinds)
Seam repair
Hole repair
Accessory Repair
Vertical Tracks
and more.

Our staff would likely replace cotton strips as well as cords. As well, when repairing, our experts will probably wash the coverings carefully utilizing 100% green certified, eco-friendly solutions.

We sell and install window coverings:
A&B Carpet is designed to emerge as your one-stop answer for any of your window treatment difficulties. If you already want brand new coverings, you can buy the majority of the tough as well as very soft solutions from our establishment. Not just that, our specialists will pay a visit to your household and also mount the window coverings you might have bought from A&B Carpet.

Our products consist of –

Cordless Cellular Shades
Cordless Cellular Blinds
Aluminum Blinds
Wood Blinds
Sheer Horizontal Shades
Vertical Blinds
Roller Shades
All of these offer a manufacturer’s warranty, therefore we are able to guarantee you about the authenticity of our merchandise.  

A&B Carpet has served a lot of homes as well as business establishments across New York for the past 30 years and more. So, you can depend on us for your window treatment entirely. Get in touch with us today to know more information. You can also send us an e-mail or simply chat with our representatives directly. A&B Carpet guarantees you to provide high grade service from this most reliable cleaning company. Promote a much better living today!